Isba User's Guide
Detailed contents

1. Overview

Hardware configuration

2. Screen Shots

3. Installation

Stand alone installation
Distributed installation
Installation on management host
Installation on targets
Remote management setup road map
SSH setup
SUDO setup

Logs centralization setup

4. Managing Rules

Rule types
Creating a rule
Rules cut, copy, paste, delete
Disabling a rule
Locking a rule
Compiling one rule
Conditional rules

5. Managing Objects

Three object types
Objects properties
Creating an object
Editing Service objects
Objects Choosers
Literal value of an object
Objects dependancies
Deleting an object
Predefined objects
Objects cut, copy, paste
Groups of objects
Conditional values
Automatic values

6. Sharing Objects

Importing objects
Importing: resolving objects conflicts
Include files
Include files: resolving objects conflicts
Including vs. importing

7. Remote Management

Specifying targets
The Target menu
Updating a ruleset
Inspecting a target
Watching a target
Watching all targets

8. Ruleset Compilation and Installation

Compiling one rule
Compiling to a window
Checking your ruleset
Compiling to local files
Installing on target
Ruleset auto-rollback
Debugging your ruleset

9. Exporting and Printing

Exporting to ASCII or HTML

10. Multi-admins Features

Ruleset locking
Ruleset modification checking

11. Multi-windows Features

Opening a new isba window
Opening include files
Copying objects from one ruleset to another
Copying rules from one ruleset to another

12. Internals

Rule "unfolding"
Head rule unfolding
IP addresses merging
Unsupported IP-Filter keywords

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