9. Exporting And Printing

For ruleset debugging, archiving or publishing purposes, you can export your ruleset to text or HTML files (rules and/or objects and/or ruleset properties), and you can print in ASCII format or PostScript.


Exporting to ASCII or HTML

Exporting to ASCII or HTML
Select the File>Export menu entry. The Export popup allows you to choose what parts of your ruleset will be exported and what export options you want: Exporting

Exporting to ASCII or HTML

The export options are as follow:

  • with comments: include rules and objects comments in the export file
  • with separators: include separator rules
  • columnize rules (meaningful only for ASCII export/print): some spaces will be inserted for the ruleset to appear column-organized
  • tile ipf keywords (ASCII only) and abbrev. ipf keywords options have the same meaning as the equivalent display options (see in Preferences)
  • with included objs: objects lists show included objects also.
Export options

Here are examples of exports for the sample ruleset pass-all-and-log (pass-all-and-log.txt) (pass-all-and-log.html) and for sun-cluster (sun-cluster.txt) (sun-cluster.html).

Printing in ASCII or PostScript

Select the File>Print menu entry. The Print popup has the same options as the Export popup (see above). PostScript printing is actually an HTML export piped into html2ps piped into your print command.

You can save the generated PostScript file for later printing: check the "Save to file" button.


Printing your ruleset, objects sets and properties


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