vlog-1.1f - a curses based real-time logfile viewer

31-jul-2003: I have no time for maintaining isba and vlog anymore
Voluntary maintainers are welcomed

What is vlog ?

vlog is a curses based real-time logfile viewer. It's a part of the isba package, but it can be used on its own. It was designed to meet the following needs:

ipmon viewer display IP-Filter log lines in a scrollable window in a readable way
isba ruleset debugging    in the event that the ruleset was generated by the IP-filter GUI isba-1.1, display the number of the isba source rule that generated each log line.
real time viewing window receives log lines as soon as they're appended to the log file
old logfiles vlog can show the old, rotated log files
selecting log lines log lines to be viewed can be selected with a regexp given on command line.


customizing display one can control which fields are displayed (e.g. time but not date, packet length but not IP header length, etc)
searching and jumping in curses mode you can search a regexp, mark a line in reverse video, jump to next or previous marked line, jump to next or previous day boundary
tail -f mode vlog can mimic the `tail -f' behaviour. Log lines are formatted and printed on stdout (no curses) as soon as they are generated (option -[<nnn>]f)
print mode vlog can extract a specified set of log lines to stdout (no curses). Start date, end date, and/or a fixed number of lines can be given on command line (options -s, -e and -<nnn>)
view other logfiles vlog can be used to view any syslogd-type log file, or HTTPD access and error logs (Apache and Netscape) (see option -l).

Screen shots

Here are screenshots of sample vlog windows.


Here is an HTML version of vlog's manual page.


Vlog-1.1 is included in isba tarball, or it can be downloaded separately here.

Pierre Berthomier
isba [at] nerim [dot] net

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